HawlerTech is an IT company aims to make use of computer capabilities in all fields of life in Kurdistan Region like management, academic, industrial, commercial, agricultural .….
Designing and developing database systems (management, Supermarket, finance, warehouse, logistics…)
Designing and developing websites and web applications
Installing and troubleshooting Networks (LAN, WLAN ,) Mikrotik servers and Servers (PDC, Firewall, Antivirus...)
GIS and Remote Sensing
Create, digitize and analysis maps. Provide maps in various format (Satellite, Vector, DEM)
Hardware Programming
Controlling industrial instruments by computer
Technical Consultation
Technical Consultation in the above fields

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            - Shabaq Airline
            - Aya Supermarket
            - Electricity Bill System

- Parliament of Kurdistan
- Kurdistan TV   
- Ministry of Planning  
- Ministry of Region for Civil Society
- Ministry of Industry  
- Ministry of Tourism  
- Ministry of Municipality  
- Erbil International Airport  
- Hawler Governorate   
- Peyamner News Agency  
- Hawler Medical University 
- Ahali Newspaper  
- Kurdistan Report Newspaper

      Web Hosting

    Network and Server
            - Choueifat Int. School.
            - Medicine College

            - ArcGIS & MapinfoTraining
            - GPS Training
            - Railway Project

      Hardware Programming
           - Freza System

      Technical Consultation
            - MOCAH
            - IRD

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